The Emmett Till controversy surrounding Lil Wayne's lyric in "Karate Chop (Remix)" has almost come to a close. Mountain Dew and Till's family sat down for a pro-active conversation on the incident last week, after Mountain Dew announced that Lil Wayne had been dropped. Future has also decided to speak once more on the song, and he also talks about the positive aspects of the whole debacle.

The Atlanta native called in Big Boy's Neigborhood in L.A. and spoke on how Weezy's lyrics actually brought knowledge to many people who had no idea who Emmett Till even was. Although the auto-tuned rapper says he never thought the song would garner so much attention (mainly negative), he thinks overall it was a positive thing.

"Nah, I never thought it was gunna get so much attention," Future said while talking to the radio show hosts. "But I think overall, over the whole situation, I think he [Lil Wayne] did bring light in a positive way to what happened, even though they thought it was negative, he brung positive energy to the situation. 'Cause a lot of people don't even dad didn't even know who Emmett was, I'm talking about a lot of people around me, incredible people," Future said.

Future continued, "He raised awareness to people that didn't even know who Emmett Till was, to young kinds who never even knew what happened to him."

Listen to the audio clip from the interview below (via).