Earlier this month, Future debuted a new song at SXSW that bore a striking resemblance to Beyoncé's "Drunk In Love." Due to his brief (somewhat confusing) introduction to the track, as well as the melodic similarities within it, rumors began to circulate that Future had a role in writing the song.

In a new interview with Wendy Williams, Fewtch (sort of) cleared things up regarding his contributions to the song, and also spoke about his upcoming wedding to Ciara

It appears that Future DID record a reference track with Detail for Beyoncé's hit, though "Good Morning" is not it. “I demoed the song with the producer. I demoed it first for her to listen to. I guess she had done the record and she was saving the record."

The ATL crooner revealed that "Good Morning" was shelved after "Drunk In Love"'s release, as the songs shared some melodies. "I had did another version, ‘Good Morning,’ because we didn’t know when she was going to put the album out. Then she put it out [in] December, after I was supposed to put my album out in November, it just pushed my song to the side.”

So, it seems as though Future recorded two versions of the song-- one being a demo for Beyoncé's use, and "Good Morning", a song that borrowed some of the melodies he wrote for Bey. We can then assume that Fewtch held onto the track in case Bey's version never made her album, and when it did, it was put aside. Though if this is the case, why does he not have a writing credit on the final version of the song? Also, why would he later do his own remix? Unless, this version is actually the reference track he originally recorded for Yonce (conspiracy theory).

Beyond that, the rapper known for his honesty announced that he and Ciara's child would be a boy, and explained that CiCi would be handling all wedding endeavors.  "The wedding plans are going great," he said. "I’ma let [Ciara] handle the wedding. I’m doing my album. The album’s coming out April 22, so she’s coordinating [the wedding]. Very well. She’s doing a great job at that. I’m just approving everything.”

Watch the interview below.