Future and Ciara haven't exactly been on good terms since they broke up. They've had their fair share of childish jabs, like the time Ciara refused to say Future's name during the Billboard Award nominee announcements, following which Future had some fun of his own. They've also taken legal measures against each other-- Ciara filed a $15 million lawsuit against her baby daddy in February, prompting Future to countersue.

Today TMZ reports that the Future has dropped his countersuit against Ciara, because the two have finally worked out joint custody for their son together, (baby) Future. The report says that Future asked the judge to dismiss his lawsuit against his baby mama, in order to keep things copacetic between the two, so Ciara doesn't attempt to further restrict his custody of his son. 

On the other hand, Ciara's $15 million lawsuit is still underway. For a complete history of these former lovebirds, read here.