It seems that every time Future talks about his role in allegedly writing "Drunk In Love" it becomes more convoluted. The controversy began when Fewtch debuted his song, "Good Morning" -- which bears quite a resemblance to Beyonce's smash single -- live at SXSW.

Future explained that he had written the song with Detail around the same time he was working with the producer on "Drunk In Love."

In a subsequent interview, the auto-tuned crooner explained that he actually demoed the song for Beyonce at Detail's request. He alluded to the fact that the song was already written, but he put his own spin on it with his reference track.

Now, in his CRWN interview, Future has once again spoken out on the song, and this time it seemed as if he definitely felt some type of way about his lack of credit.

"It was already pre-wrote, and I start doing the little melodies," he said of his session with Detail, indicating that his contribution is audible in the final product. "You can pretty much tell -- 'Turn On The Lights' -- if you listen to the record, these are the same melodies I've been doing -- 'Neva End', 'Turn On The Lights', 'Long Time Coming'. You go back to my mixtapes, you can hear my melodies all over it."

It's not entirely clear how much of the song was written before Future got it the booth, but either way he feels he was integral to the writing of the song, saying that he's not sure why he hasn't been credited. "I don't know. You gotta ask them that," he said, hinting that his contribution is being kept under wraps against his will. "That's why they don't want me to put ['Good Morning'] out."

Perhaps hearing Detail's side of the story would clear a few things up?

Look out for the full CRWN interview later this week.

[UPDATE: CRWN Interview Added Below]