Future may be hailed as the Toxic King on social media, but he also loves to open up and get vulnerable in his music. If you look into his deeper cuts, you'll realize that the Atlanta rap icon is more than just a player. He's actually one of the most sensitive men in rap, which is saying a lot. 

Regularly using his relationships as creative fuel to his art, Future came through with some memorable bars about his current girlfriend, model Lori Harvey. In fact, he's declaring victory à la "I Won."

On one of the fan-favorites from the new album, "Accepting My Flaws," the Fire Marshall tells the world once again that he has won.

"Sittin' out on my porch, I'm in disbelief/Give me glory, give me Lori, that's victory," raps Future in the song. "I'm gonna drop your name, is it chemistry?/Fuck this money and fame if it's meant to be."

Could it be? Has Future finally found true love?

For the last few months, there have been several rumors surrounding the couple. Some sources have claimed that they are expecting their first child together, but Lori Harvey debunked that talk by sharing photos of her ultra-flat stomach. They've also been thrown into engagement rumors, which have yet to be confirmed.

Listen to the song below and cross your fingers that Future has finally found the one.