While some artists debate whether or not they've brought Nike and Jordans back, Atlanta rapper Future is making waves in another realm of footwear. As an artist known to sport exclusive drip, Future Hendrix has recently shared a flick of him stepping out in some of the most expensive sandals out right now, and according to Complex, Pluto's sandal of choice cost him $48,000.

If you're wondering why the sandals are priced so ridiculously, they are an amalgamation of Birkenstock sandals and deconstructed Hermès Birkin bags. Created by MSCHF, these sandals, coined Birkinstocks, are currently available by request only, and they come attached with a price tag ranging from $34,000 to $76,000. 

“Birkin bags are like a cultural meme, a symbol for a certain kind of wealth,” says Lukas Bentel, one of MSCHF's creative director. According to him, the concept for the Birkinstocks derived from pop culture's infatuation with Birkin bags, and now artists like Future are taking "going Birkin" to a new level. MSCHF has also confirmed that Birkinstock patrons include Kehlani and an unnamed art collector.

Interestingly enough, these luxury sandals are not an official collaboration with neither Birkenstock nor Hermès, and the MSCHF team prefers to call the novelty a "transubstantiation." Regardless of the nature of the product, several artists are bound to order some Birkinstocks for themselves now that they have seen Future Hendrix modeling a pair. 

Are you ready for Pluto's soon-to-come Birkinstock bars?