Future Creates A Mini-Crime Drama For The "Feds Did A Sweep" Video

Aron A.
October 12, 2017 13:39

Future unleashes a mini-movie for his "Feds Did A Sweep" video.

Future is one of the most creative figures of our generation. He continues to push the boundaries of whatever he does and surprises us with his efforts. Through music, fashion and every other avenue he delves into, he clearly isn't afraid of testing the waters. While we've yet to see him make a formal entry into acting, it's a matter of time until he actually does. However, in a lot of ways, he does add theatrics to his music videos. Today, he takes his record "Feds Did A Sweep" and turns it into a short-film.

Today, Future unveiled the video for "Feds Did A Sweep." Calling it a music video is a bit of an understatement as Future creates a whole short film surrounding the song. The video will definitely be favorable among fans of "the Wire" or any other urban crime drama that deals with the inner city. The premise of the video surrounds a local hustler who's the focal point of a sting operation, that's not only being carried on him but also his crew and neighborhood. Just when it seems that the police are successful in their mission, a surprising turn of events occur at the end of the video. Throughout the video, Future's close collaborators make cameos including Casino and Young Scooter. Unfortunately, the video is only available for those who have an Apple Music subscription. However, you are able to watch a 30 second clip of the video above.

Future's continued to dominant this year. Yesterday, it was unveiled that Future was the only artist to have two albums go gold in 2017. Back in February, he dropped two surprise albums within a week of each other that not only reached critical success but commercial success as well. While HNDRXX has only been certified gold so far, Future has reached platinum status.

Watch the full video for "Feds Did A Sweep" here.

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