For a while now, the ever melancholic Futurehas been teasing a sequel to his beloved HNDRXX project, the second of two albums in a triumphant 2017 campaign. For the most part, HNDRXX found Future taking a more melodic approach, allowing himself to get slightly soulful in his delivery. The stylistic deviation marked exciting territory for the rapper, who often gets slighted for a perceived lack of versatility; in reality, there's plenty of depth to Future, should one be willing to dig a little deeper. Perhaps that's why the overt emotion of HNDRXX made for such a refreshing stylistic shift.

Roy Rochlin/2018 Getty Images

Now, it would appear the oft-hyped sequel may very well be upon us. Given that Future's coy sequel teases have been abundant in nature, it seems only logical that the rapper is readying an imminent revisitation. Not long after clearing his IG page, Future posted an experimental snippet of an upcoming song slash potential video. In the clip, which begins with the title card of "Xanax Damage," Future mourns his own self-destruction through autotuned, baritone vocals. It's a different look for Big Future, and one that seems to be already garnering positive feedback from his fanbase. 

Check it out for youself, and keep an eye out for the inevitable continuation of Future's rollout. Are you still bumping The WIZRD?