Though "Beast Mode" may prove nostalgic to any self-respecting Beast Wars/Beasties fan, Future and Zaytoven have undeniably re-purposed the mantra. With the first installment already touted among Future's most respectable works, it wasn't surprising that fans eagerly returned for a second helping upon last night's surprise drop. Boasting nine soulful selections, meticulously selected with a sculptor's grace, the Zaytoven and Future sequel has been in steady rotation since it surfaced. But how are the early reactions shaping up?

Dropping sequels to acclaimed properties can occasionally prove risky business, but as of now, Beast Mode 2 seems to have been accepted by the critics of the HNHH community. The project currently sits at a respectable 85% user ranking; while that is subject to change, it stands to reason that first impressions favor Beast Mode's second chapter. 

Though some were left puzzled by Future's post-coital practices, as detailed on standout "31 Days."

As for Twitter, they seemed to echo the positive vibes; in regards to the comment above, it would appear that one person's trash is another man's treasure.

In all seriousness, the Twitterverse seemed to welcome the project, making it clear that Future is one of the game's most important players. Though a quick gander seems to indicate the birth of a Future centric "Toxic Masculinity" meme, which has been the centerpiece of many a post.