At this point, few things in life are expected. One unyielding constant, however, is the fact the Future will be forever locked in the studio. Up-and-coming artists likely marvel at his prolific nature, with eight projects having been released since the beginning of 2017. Now, with 2020 quickly coming to an end, Future continues to put in work behind the scenes. Not only has he been steadily teasing a collaborative mixtape with Lil Uzi Vert, but songs like "Gucci Bucket Hat" seem to indicate that a new solo album is also on the way. 

Future New music Moneybagg Yo

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

And while studio footage hardly serves as confirmation that an album is coming, it does strongly hint at such a conclusion. Especially in Future's case, given the sheer volume of sneak previews he has taken to offering on his Instagram page. Most recently, he shared a few pictures of a recent session with Moneybagg Yo, with whom he previously collaborated on songs like "Okay," "Federal Fed," and "Chanel Junkie." While the images are more of a fashion showcase than a musical one, the studio setting does seem to indicate that a collaboration did ensue.

On a purely speculative basis, it's entirely possible that Future is lining up a Moneybagg appearance for his eventual follow-up to High Off Life, the potential home for the anticipated "Gucci Bucket Hat." Likewise is it possible that the collab is meant for Moneybagg's next effort -- seems like we'll have to wait and see whether this one manifests in some actual music.