A major perk of dating Future is getting to hear his stash of unreleased music, which must be infinite. His girlfriend Lori Harvey showed on her Instagram Story on Saturday night (Feb. 22) that she has been taking full advantage of this benefit. 

While having a date night, Future and Lori drove around bumping one of his songs, the full version of which has not yet made its way to our longing ears. Either Lori happened to be in the studio while Future was cooking up the track or she's been devotedly listening to it on her own time because, in the video she posted, she raps along to every word. Perhaps she's such a fan of this one because it contains lyrical references to her. "Pussy was leaking, I fucked on a jet / We made a bond to never forget / Cancel that hoe, she try fuck on my chick," Future raps (I think?). 

At first, the camera only shows the 22-year-old model jamming. It then pans to show Future in the driver seat, who appears pretty confident that he made another hit. Lori's gold Rolex stands out in the dark car. The watch was speculated to have been a Christmas gift from Future, since he has a track record of treating his women to expensive timepieces. Another perk of dating the rapper.