We've long seen both Future and Lil Uzi steadily teasing a joint endeavor of some sort, with theories having ranged from a simple single to a full-fledged mixtape. Given how prolific Future tends to be at any given year, it wouldn't be surprising to see him drop off yet another album before the year wraps up. As for Uzi, who has already double-dipped with back to back Eternal Atake drops, it feels like the sky is the limit. With that in mind, it's hard not to feel that something big is on the way, especially after DJ Esco shared an intriguing trailer on his IG Page.

"The world been waiting on it," begins Future, as the teaser begins. "From here to overseas, wrapped around the globe. It's another planet. Astronaut." From there, some visuals and music kick in together, with a promising synth-driven banger allegedly providing the soundtrack. "So far gone out of space," sings Future, his cadence more nasal than usual. From there, footage follows of a studio session, during which Future and Lil Uzi connect beneath deep purple lighting. "Living like Astronauts," he concludes, thusly achieving the teaser's title.

Now, it's entirely possible that the pair are simply ramping up anticipation for a collaborative, intergalactic-themed single -- still, it does feel like both parties have been building this one up so actively that anything less than an album might prove anticlimactic. In any case, don't be surprised to see this one arriving sooner rather than later, especially in the wake of this new trailer. Check it out for yourself below.