At this point, if we don't get an entirely collaborative project from Future and Lil Uzi Vert, we'll feel pretty disappointed.

The way that these two have been continually popping up with each other, teasing new music and constantly hinting at a full album, the fans are convinced that they've got something up their sleeve. The release of "Patek" and "Over Your Head" this summer started the rumors, with people expecting a complete album by the end of July 31. That never came, and now we've come to this point.

Future and Uzi have been teasing this for a minute and, today, they came through again with another hint that something could come as soon as this week. This time, they played soccer in an indoor field, playing one of their unreleased collaborations in the background. So as to not give away too much, some parts of both of their verses have been blanked. However, we do hear those whistles from Future, which have us stoked.

Yesterday, the duo of rappers teamed up to tease the release of "Astronauts", another one of their songs that is yet to be released.

Hopefully, this means that they drop some more new music this week. Even if it's just a single, we'd love to hear more from Pluto x Baby Pluto.