Future has finally claimed his unborn baby nestled in Joie Chavis' womb over the weekend. The rapper attended her for lover's baby shower, much to the surprise of his fans. Their reactions are now heightened by new photos for the pair circulating online. They show Future and Joie at the baby shower, embracing and smiling at each other as if there was still a romantic connection flowing between them.

Intense emotions are expected when a couple awaits the birth of their child, however, there is a layer of complexity added to this case by Future's current girlfriend who also happens to be his baby mama. After the cute photos were posted, social media users have been commenting on the images. There are requests for someone to check up on Brittni to make sure she is okay.


Mealy's relationship with Future seemed pretty "secure" considering his declaration of her being the "love of my life" and copping her what appeared to be an engagement ring. These gestures are placed into question since Future got a new custom ring designed and it bears no similarities to the one he gave Mealy as if it were created based on the taste of a completely different woman.

Peep the luxury piece below.