A power squad of hip hop's finest took to the deep blue sea today to start off the new year on a dope note. We already knew that DJ Khaled and Future were spending the day together today, cruising around on a pair of jet skis, but another participant in their day of fun was revealed when Khaled posted a video of he and Diddy reflecting on New Years past.

In the video captioned, "Life is good HAPPY NEW YEAR Bless up," Khaled and Diddy wish each other a happy new year, followed by Diddy clapping and insisting that "It's gonna be a great one, ladies and gentlemen. It's gonna be action-packed." It's definitely good to see Diddy so optimistic about 2020, considering how rough 2019 was for him. He even recently revealed the dark depression he went through this past year in an emotional confession. Khaled proceeds to point out to Diddy, "You know I bring in the new year with you every year," which Diddy confirms, and notes that they've also gone jet skiing every year in the past as well. Khaled lets everyone watching know that "life is good," and that they're starting the decade off right.

Meek Mill was also part of the star-studded group of pals' ocean adventure, as revealed in yet another video posted by Khaled, captioned, "HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020." Notoriously repetitive, DJ Khaled utters the phrase "Take a look at 2020" multiple times, to which Meek responds, "2020 it's real wavy on the way." Not gonna lie, this activity looks fun as hell. Fingers crossed for an invitation next year.