Last week Ciara and her son Future Zahir attended the American Music Awards and baby Future had all eyes on him when he broke down his best Michael Jackson moves on the red carpet. The four-year-old was not shy as his mom championed him on, doing the legwork and arm work that he so perfectly memorized.  

Unsurprisingly, little Future is still practicing his craft as we can see in Ciara's latest Instagram upload. The "Level Up" singer posted a photo of Future Zahir on the football field doing one of MJ's iconic poses - the toe balance and head down. "My Little Rockstar," Cici captioned the picture. 

"It's honestly been the best thing that's happened to my life," Ciara previously told E! News about her little Future. "It's been so much fun. My son is a ball of joy and he's getting funnier and funnier by the day, 'cause he's starting to figure out how to say more things and he's really expressing himself. I've taught him, 'Please,' so he says, every time, 'Please, please,' but he understands it so well, it melts my heart every time I'm like, 'You cannot have another cookie.'"