Even in the age of digital music and streaming services, the Billboard charts have still managed to become one of the most influential metrics of an artist's success. New artists can rise to prominence through big debut singles, and good placement can help further promote artists. One rapper who has been a mainstay on the charts for a while now is Future, who has made or been featured on more hits than you could count. However, it seems his hot streak has come to an end.

For the first time in 166 weeks, just over three years, Future is missing from the Billboard Hot 100 chart. No main artist tracks, or featured tracks are found on the chart on this week. The exit of "King's Dead," the explosive Kendrick Lamar single which features Future and Jay Rock, means that his consecutive streak has come to an end.

While 166 weeks on the Billboard chart is a remarkable achievement, it does pale in comparison to the records set by some other artists. The record for longest consecutive streak on the Hot 100 chart belongs to Drake by a complete landslide. Compared to the second place record holder, Lil Wayne at 326 weeks, Drake managed to stay on the chart for a whopping 431 weeks in a row, dating all the way back to the premiere or "Best I Ever Had."

Future's 166 record puts him currently in fifth place, behind Nicki Minaj and just edging his spot over Chris Brown, who has 161 weeks. Of course, Future is guaranteed to be back on the chart before we know it.

Most Consecutive Weeks On Billboard Hot 100

431, Drake
326, Lil Wayne
216, Rihanna
207, Nicki Minaj
166, Future
161, Chris Brown
159, JAY-Z
152, Nelly
141, Kenny Chesney
139, Destiny's Child
139, Katy Perry
139, Taylor Swift