Funkmaster Flex's disdain for Drake isn't dying down any time soon. The history of pettiness between the two began when Flex played some of Quentin Miller's reference tracks from If You're Reading This It's Too Late back in 2015. Since then he's taken a few chances to throw dirt on Drake's name, including DJ Set appearances, and got an official response from the rapper when he performed at Madison Square Garden over the summer.

While the tension between the two seem to have simmered since then, Flex is still making sure to enforce he's still team ":Fuck Drake," by saying exactly that at a recent DJ gig. While playing a Tory Lanez song (coincidentally, or not-so-coincidentally someone who has also dissed Drake), Flex said "Fuck Drake ... he don't come to Brooklyn at all." Tory was reportedly also in the club at the time.

During his MSG performance in August, Drake specifically called for Flex to be fired from HOT 97, refusing to do an interview for the station until it was done. Will the beef ever be squashed?

Watch the clip of Flex's DJ set below.