While many are quick to dub Funk Flex as a hater, the radio personality seems to be offering his style of constructive criticism when it comes to Cardi B. Most of our readership agreed with Flex's claims yesterday about Cardi B potentially using ghostwriters on her album. While Flex's remarks about songwriting appear to contradict his views on Lil Pump's writing, Flex seems to believe that writing her own music would improve Cardi's capabilities as a rapper.

The legendary DJ and Hot 97 radio host said on Instagram live, this week, that he "can't stand rappers who don't write they shit." Namedropping Cardi B in particular, Funk Flex said that the New York sensation consistently enlists other artists to write her lyrics. He elaborated on his words on Twitter today, offering his take on songwriting in general and his Cardi comments. While music is often made with collaborations in mind, Flex insists, "Most artists write... stop saying they don’t.. stop trying to lower the standard to protect bullshit! #JustMyOpinion." One thing Cardi is often praised for is her authenticity, which Flex made reference to, continuing, "Everybody wanna be 'Real' on social media... but forget to be 'real' about writing they songs!" In case anybody believed he was speaking about somebody other than the "Bodak Yellow" songstress, he quoted a fan who said that Cardi did not belong within hip-hop culture by offering her some constructive criticism: "Not true.. great entertainer... once she puts the pen in place she will be even better!"

In the grand scheme of things, it sounds as though Funk Flex likes what Cardi B brings to the table. He simply wishes she brought her brand of realness to her songwriting in order to expand on the promise she has already showcased.