Funk Flex has been in the news for the last week because of his differences with Dame Dash. The legendary DJ chimed in after Dame shut down Nick Cannon's interview questiongetting into it with Cannon as well. Some believe that Flex is the biggest hater that the game has to offer right now while others side with him completely. Regardless of how you feel about the radio personality, there is no denying that he has been part of the most important moments in hip-hop history. He has also helped to shape the culture on numerous occasions. Funk Flex recently hit up Instagram to show just how many meetings of the minds he's been part of after getting shut out of Dame Dash's talk with 50 Cent and Nick Cannon.

Flex gave a shoutout to the late Chris Lighty before posting a throwback shot for his own 10-year challenge. However, he decided to include a group of individuals. We've got 50 Cent on the left and Jay-Z in the middle with a few other prominent faces making appearances. 

It's always cool to see a few of the OG's chilling together in their prime. A few commenters have taken the opportunity to throw shots at Funk Flex, which can be expected in each of his posts, while others are hoping 50 Cent gets back to trolling Busta Rhymes' neck.