Funk Flex is without a doubt a legend in the rap game, however, his opinion on the current state of rap seems to piss off a lot of people. A few weeks a go, he went off about wack rappers in hip hop and included Nicki Minaj, G-Eazy and Lil Pump in his list. Some people agreed, while others didn't, but overall, he definitely managed to get underneath a few peoples skin. Today, it seems as if he's trying to get at Travis Scott.

Funk Flex is bias to the east coast for obvious reasons and today, he decided to spark a conversation about one of Harlem's finest influence in modern day hip hop. The Hot 97 DJ wrote on Twitter, "Bunch of rappers stole Asap Rocky’s swag! Think they slick!" While there's no doubt that Rocky's had a major influence on the younger generation, it seemed as if the initial tweet had someone specific in mind and that person is Travis Scott. 

Shortly after sending out the tweet, his mentions were obviously popping and he decided to reveal who he was talking about. "Oh? U want names? First name: Travis Scott !!! Who else y’all think?" While many people don't see the connection in their music, comparisons on their styles have been made in the past. 

The two artists have been confused with each other in the past. Video surfaced of Travis Scott lunging at a fan who mistakenly called him A$AP Rocky to which he replied, "I'm not motherfuckin' A$AP, bitch." 

However, A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott have previously deaded any rumors that they have beef with each other.