Leave it to Funk Flex to voice his opinion months after the discourse initially took place. In the wake of Verzuz season 2 announcement, including the long-awaited Jeezy vs. T.I. face-off, Flex had some things to get off of his chest in regards to snitches in hip-hop. Of course, this is related to the CrimeStoppers video from over a decade ago that continues to haunt Tip's existence.

Despite stating that he has the "utmost respect" for T.I., Flex unleashed a scathing rant against T.I. over the CrimeStopper video but it seemed to paint a larger picture about the DJ's feelings towards rats.

"He’s a positive brother who does everything for his community! He also helps others any chance he gets," he prefaced his rant before claiming T.I. is inauthentically portraying himself. 

"But please don't try to paint a narrative in social media to the younger generation that ain't true," he continued. "You doing @crimestoppersatlanta and testifying in court / trial! What would u call the next man that did that? Comments off." He shared several other posts referring to these allegations before taking aim at the industry as a whole. 

Flex's remarks weren't limited to Instagram, either. Evidently, Flex is siding with Jeezy in the upcoming season premiere of Verzuz. He went on a full-blown rant on his radio show, claiming that Tip "ain't that type of rapper" because his music apparently doesn't connect globally.

"Me, personally. I don't take you serious. You testified and you make CrimeStoppers videos," he said. "There's nothing wrong with that but we ain't the same," he added. 

"That Jeezy situation, you gon' see what the real street is like. You gonna ignite that streak and the streets gon' be in them comments and they gon tell you exactly what you are. You're a clown," he said. "You such a clown. Last time you got caught testifying, then you went and put up videos with your pushing and shoving with Game."

Tip's addressed these allegations on numerous occasions, most recently on the Breakfast Club. Charlamagne Tha God pressed Tip about the video which began making widespread circulation earlier this year, though its existence was known to most before then. Tip has denied that he ever snitched in his life.

"I'm not willing to tell on nobody to keep from doing long numbers and cancel out millions of dollars in my career but to keep from doing a drop to tell citizens what citizens are already able to do. I'm gon' do that every time."

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