Recently, Funkmaster Flex, an OG radio host at Hot 97, has been embroiled in some beef with the youthful Lil Yachty. Old heads have had their difference of opinion with Yachty in the past, as Lil Boat slighted Notorious B.I.G.-- comments which he later apologized for. During a recent freestyle on Funk Flex's show, though, the host interrupted Murda Mook's bars to call out Lil Yachty for his lack of perceived #bars, referring to Yachty as a "mumble rapper."

From there, the two interacted back-and-forth on social media, with Yachty taking another opportunity to address Funk in his Instagram Live video (here). Funk Flex, for his part, appears to be done with the beef. In a Facebook post early this morning, Flex said he's ready to move on, and that the Biggie "thing" took him "to a bad place." "I'm sure you would want us to respect who you grew up listening to... just asking u to respect the B.I.G," he wrote, directly addressing Yachty. "I'm not saying you craft is bad... bars is equal ( not less than your craft ) I wish u more success but just ask u to do alitte homework... I'm guilty myself about saying things about PAC I maybe should have said but I did learn from my experience.... I see u not taking it personal so I won't also... love... we move forward," he continued.

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