Funkmaster Flex did the improbable in ending his hostility with Lil Pump. But had it not been for Pump's forthrightness, this peace treaty may have never come to pass. According to Flex, Pump was waiting by his dressing room after he'd performed the opening set at the Post Malone concert in NYC, on Saturday night. By his own admission, Lil Pump showed Funkmaster Flex a surprising amount of reverence given the nature of their shared hostility.

"We spoke," wrote the veteran Hot 97 DJ in the caption section of a portrait photo with Pump. "I respect he waited around till after my set with good words.. I was honest with him on how a felt about his music... he carried himself well and took it like a gentleman! love!" After which, Flex turned his attention to a young fan with whom he'd jostled with, in the past, on the subject of Lil Pump's general worth.

Funk Flex closed his paragraph with a playful nudge to Lil Pump. You may recall things coming to a head when Flex labeled Lil Pump a "wack rapper" in one of his impassioned social media rants. He also called out G-Eazy, Lil Yachty, and Nicki Minaj, within the same Twitter spree.

When it comes to entering an unabated conflict situation, Flex often feels entitled to a caretaker role that he bestowed upon himself - and his impulsivity certainly doesn't make those situations any easier to navigate. With all due respect to Flex's contributions on a whole, it's rather nice to see a person-to-person exchange cure all ills. Keep 'em coming!