Another day, another radio host criticizing the lack of "bars" coming out of the new generation of rappers. Funkmaster Flex, a man who has been known to speak his mind quite freely, even when it comes to huge artists like Drake and Jay Z, is behind the slander this time around, and he's directed it at two rappers who don't seem to have a lot to do with one another -- Lil Yachty and Bow Wow.

With Murda Mook and Oun P in the building, Funk Flex cut the freestyling off to address two artists he referred to as "mumble rappers." "Now listen, that's called motherfuckin' bars, n*gga. You know nothin' about that. You know why? Because you're a mumble rapper, Bow Wow ... Lil Yachty, you don't want nothing too. Neither of you n*ggas want nothing, because Murda Mook is standing right there!" he said. "2017, mumble rappers are finished."

Though you likely haven't been following, Bow Wow and Flex have actually been trading jabs for a minute, but as far as we know, this is the first time Yachty's name has been brought up. Though Yachty's had some good responses for his critics in the past, he seems to be taking the high road so far, which is probably for the best.

Check out Flex's shit-talking at 6:40 in the video.