Famed Hot 97 DJ Funk Flex is calling "Times Up" on today's social media-driven rappers. It's true that in today's era of hip hop, artists of all ages are able to get their music directly out to consumers via social media. Whereas previously there was a music industry hierarchy ladder that artists would have to climb before their songs would be widely distributed to the masses, now rappers just need a solid Instagram presence and a Soundcloud account.

The accessibility can be a double-edged sword as talented artists are able to share their creativity with fans with the click of a button. However, there are others who gain popularity through becoming viral sensations and top the charts not because they're particularly good at what they do, but because they are willing to do whatever is needed to become famous.

Flex has had enough, and he took to his Twitter account to issue a warning to those that have entered the hip hop arena for fame and not passion, specifically targeting rappers who don't pen their own rhymes. "Hahaha! Attention Gimmick Rappers: You will never be taken seriously when u don’t WRITE your OWN songs!" he wrote. "I’ve seen rappers fade into the wind for years! #ThisIsYourLastSummer #TimesUp."

He shared his tweet on Instagram, adding to the message by writing in the caption: "The same 'social media' they use to blow up quickly is the same 'social media' that pushes them aside for the next wack 'social media' trash rapper!" Who do you consider to be a "social media trash rapper"? Is Flex speaking facts?