Funk Flex is laughing at the current scandal surrounding Cardi B. Earlier this week, an old video of her saying that she used to drug and rob men surfaced online which left the internet ready to "cancel" her. However, like most "problematic" artists, there's a handful of people who try to understand her perspective. After Cardi issued a statement about the video, Funk Flex took to Instagram to troll her over the matter. "Fellas I don’t blame women in situations like this... be less thirsty to smash and you’ll be aight," he wrote. However, he's not done. The DJ took to Instagram to lay out a set of "rules" to avoid getting robbed and drugged.

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Funk Flex shared yet another meme surrounding Cardi B. The Hot97 DJ shared a meme of Kaep's Nike ad but with Cardi B's face. "Tomorrow isn't promised. Rob him today," it reads. Flex captioned the post with his list of "rules" for the #ProtectionStarterKit.

"Internet doesn’t stop!!! Rules: STAY WOKE: Fellas Don’t drink, eat or get high around them... stash valuables... $100 decoy money in pocket... they crib (never) Hotel always! 2 hours max! #ProtectionStarterKit," he wrote. 

Flex has been incredibly critical of Cardi B in the past over allegations that the Bronx rapper doesn't pen her own bars. He also claimed that she paid DJs to play her music in the past which she later denied.