Killer Mike has a new album, R.A.P. Music, produced entirely by El-P dropping May 15th, however, SPIN is giving you the full album stream now.

Not only do you get to stream the album in its entirety before its release, but Killer Mike also breaks down the tracks.

We've already posted "Southern Fried," which Mike says is "some funky shit, a country-rap tune. It's hip-hop but from the perspective of a Southerner. That's me singing on the hook too. I had never done that. I was like, 'Why not?' If I'm taking the mentality that every record is my last record why not do everything I want to do?"

[Stream "Southern Fried" above]

And of "JoJo's Chillin'" Mike says, "Anybody familiar with my catalog knows I'm a proficient storyteller. I'm a storyteller on the Biggie and Slick Rick level. Jojo is a combination of people I know. Jojo is a little off, he's a little complex, and as I'm rapping I can see Jojo and I wanna know what happens next. I just wanted to take people on an adventure."

[Stream "JoJo's Chillin'" above]

Head here for the album stream and the break-down of each song.