Will Smith's arrival to Instagram sparked a media frenzy. His personable approach to the social networking app created viral moment after viral moment. It was a reminder of what his comedic talents could do, now that the actor has been focused on dramas rather than comedies. However, it looks like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – the tv phenomenon he spearheaded – may be making a return. Whether Smith is involved or not is still unknown.

After reports of interest in Fresh Prince trademarks for toys surfaced, the company that holds rights to the legendary show is looking to secure new trademarks. The particular title that might pique fans' interest: Fresh Princess. With the company applying to secure their new properties, it suggests that a revival is in the works; one starring a female lead. The trademarks span across multimedia, from television to backpacks and footwear.

With Instagram breathing life back in to Will's content-creator roots, it'd be great to see him working on the show in any capacity. Most recently, Will played more serious characters in BrightCollateral Beauty, and Suicide Squad. Will has publicly applauded a depiction of him and the Fresh Prince cast as an animated family on Instagram. However, we will have to wait and see what approach this new series will take. 

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