People truly need to stop messing around with ice cream. There are enough delicious flavours for us to enjoy on a regular basis and no, mustard is not one of them. National Mustard Day takes place on August 3 and anybody who celebrates the special occasion will likely be slapping a heavy helping of the condiment on their sandwiches this weekend. One thing that is absolutely unnecessary though is mustard ice cream. It's a bad idea and should not be happening. Still, French's decided to bite the bullet this week, announcing that they would be meshing sweet and savoury together by releasing some goddamn mustard ice cream.

Say goodbye to your traditional vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. You can even bid adieu to salted caramel, cotton candy, and other more advanced flavours. Instead, French's wants you to try out their limited edition mustard ice cream this weekend. As reported by Hypebeast, the frozen treat will only be available in New York City and Los Angeles. It will be served today through Sunday at select Coolhaus food truck locations. In New York, you can pick up a bowl of mustard ice cream at the Rockefeller Center and at Hearst Tower/Columbus Circle today, Brooklyn Heights and Madison Square Park tomorrow, and the beach at Main Street Hamptons on Saturday. If you're in California, you can try it out at Coolhaus Culver City from August 2-4 and August 9-11.

In case you can't stop by this weekend, French's released the recipe, which you can try below. Enjoy and please don't throw up.