French Montana and his 10-year-old son Kruz Kharbouch are Esquire Magazine's latest cover star and while Kruz never got to chop it up with the publication, French explained in detail his relationship with his offspring. The "Unforgettable" rapper shares Kruz with his ex-wife Deen Kharbouch and detailed how Deen is a "tiger mom" that raises him right. 

"He’s more protected by his mother, and she is more protective than my mother was. When my father left, my mother couldn’t teach me nothing, Kruz’s mother will raise him right. She’s like a tiger mom - but in a classy way," he said. French (born Karim Kharbouch) is proud of the fact that his son will have more opportunities than he did growing up.

"My son is lucky to be raised the way he is. He gets his knowledge from his mother—she is smart and graduated from college—and then from me he gets the hustle," French explained. "He’s one-of-a-kind. He’s advanced too. The other day he had to do a project that should have taken two weeks, but said he could do it in two days! That’s slick. I know that he gets that from me."

When asked if Kruz could one day be President, French's response was quick: "Of course! In fact, he could probably do a better job than the current one is doing right now!"