Mac Miller was transparent about his struggles with addiction over the years. He spoke about it candidly in his Fader Documentary "Stopped Making Excuses." One scene that's resurfaced since Mac's passing is of French Montana warning the young rapper to slow down on his drug use.

Mac Miller previously opened up about his struggles with lean after facing criticism for his debut album, Blue Slide Park. Fader's "Stopped Making Excuses" documentary provides an insight into Mac Miller's career from when he was just 19.

"At one point weed didn't relax me from everything. It made me more paranoid about all the shit happening," he said in a voiceover while pouring lean into a Sprite bottle. "I needed to get a drug that was a little bit more numbing if you will. And less, like, in your head. I think that's really what sparked me doing other drugs because I hate being sober."

French Montana and Mac Miller are then seen in the studio together where French warns him about how he's drinking. 

"This is too much, though. This is the pure," he said. "You're not listening to me. That's not even the one that you think is it. That's really it. Listen to me. I'm your brother... This right here... you're going to miss a couple of shows."

It's a heartbreaking scene to watch, especially because of how young Mac was at the time.

Peep the scene below around the 6:15 mark.