There has been a lot of talk in recent weeks surrounding French Montana's new album. His fourth studio album They Got Amnesia released on Friday, and French decided to go all out in promoting the project.

Yesterday (Nov. 21), French posted a video on Instagram showing his new 3D billboard for the album. A French Montana cartoon is shown hopping out of a hospital bed, as French declared he was the first rapper to have a 3D billboard in New York: "FIRST RAPPER WITH THE 3D BILLBOARD IN NY."

Under the post, several users protested this, by saying Key Glock originated the 3D billboard. Key Glock's Yellow Tape 2 album dropped on. Nov. 5, and to celebrate, Glock had a 3D billboard of his yellow car crashing into glass in New York City.

So, while French may have not been the first, it is still a wildly creative way of advertising an album.

They Got Amnesia went through an unexpected delay last week as it was supposed to drop on Nov. 12, and did not appear on streaming services when it was expected to. Without giving an explanation, French moved the date to the 19th. The album contains several marquee features like Rick Ross, Fabolous, Lil Durk, Doja Cat and many more.

With this album, French hopes to re-establish himself as a prominent voice in rap. Before the album's release, he had beef with Twitter users after many had claimed they could not name any French Montana solo songs, neglecting his 2000s hits. 

Check out French Montana's 3D billboard below.