It's really not uncommon to hear rappers face accusations of ripping off other artists, especially since the genre itself was based on sampling at the beginning. Unfortunately, even as time's gone by, there are still rappers who are being taken to court over claims that they ripped off another, commonly unknown, artist. As is the case with French Montana who's being accused of biting the hit song, "All The Way Up." However, it appears as if he's not folding as he's told the court he wants the case thrown out.

According to The Blast, French Montana wants the case surrounding the hit song featuring Fat Joe and Remy Ma tossed out completely. In his court filings, he said, “a reference track, containing unfinished music and unfinished lyrics, and added to the work to create the final released version.” However, he denied the “allegation that Kharbouch (Montana) had no role in writing the part he raps because Kharbouch did have a role.” He added,  “Plaintiff’s claims are barred to the extent it has forfeited or abandoned its intellectual property.”

Fly Havana sued Fat Joe, French Montana and Remy Ma over the song earlier this year. Fly's looking to get properly compensated for his work on the track, especially since it made serious waves when it first came out. We'll keep you posted.