LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers eliminated Drake's beloved Raptors from the playoffs earlier this year, and apparently, that was enough for the rapper to bet against James in the NBA Finals, something that may have cost him $60 grand, according to French Montana.

French revealed in a SnapChat after the game that he and Drizzy had placed a large bet on the outcome of the game, and one that worked out in his favor. "Shoutout to my brother Drizzy Drake for that 60 bands, 'cause you ain't believe in LeBron," he said. It's not clear whether or not this agreement was made earlier in the series or was based solely on the outcome of game 7. Either way, as large as the bill is, Drizzy shouldn't have a hard time paying it judging by the massive success of his already double platinum studio album, VIEWS.

Check out the clip below. Think Drake will come back with a response?