There's been a lot of talk surrounding the "King Of NY," although many of the people contributing to these conversations seem to forget that Jay-Z is still alive and well. In a recent interview with Bootleg Kev, French Montana made it clear that no one else can claim the title of King Of NY as long as Jay-Z is still breathing.

French Montana sat down for a recent interview and dispelled anyone's claim that they're the King of NY if their name isn't Jay-Z. 

"First of all, you can't say you the King Of New York when Jay-Z's still alive," he said. "I feel like where he at, he reminds me of me and Max B during out Coke Wave days." 

French Montana continued to explain how 6ix9ine and Max B's situations are similar before revealing that Fat Joe gave him similar advice that he gave 6ix9ine a few months ago. Although French actually listened to Fat Joe's advice, he doesn't blame 6ix9ine for not doing the same

"I don't blame 6ix9ine because you know, once you start getting a bag, it's hard for you when you just came from like you can't afford to even, like, support your family," he explained. "Then you start getting a bag and then it's just like everybody's coming at you because, you know, whatever situation it is. Now, you feel like you gotta protect yourself, now you feel like you gotta, you know, let the vibe be known that you really that guy."

Peep the clip below with the 6ix9ine comments coming around the 7:25 min.