French Montana is doing the most with his charitable moves by funding hospitals in Uganda but it now seems like more attention is needed to his own finances. The Blast is reporting that French is due on a tax bill from 2016 that's over $400K. The publication got its hands on a lien against French (born Karim Kharbouch) filed by the Franchise Tax Board for the State of California.

The total amount is said to be $406,952.93 and the amount will grow with interest the longer he doesn't pay. Apparently, if French doesn't pay up soon the Tax Board can go for his assets and seize his property to collect his money. We think it's safe to say French will get his debt settled fast considering his recent successes. 

In other news surrounding the "Unforgettable" rapper, he recently chatted with GQ's Middle Eastern publication on what immigration means to him. “Immigration means everything to me. It means hope, it means faith, it means a voice for the people that come from different places and build a country,” he said. “Being a kid from Morocco, from Casablanca, and going to the States when I was 13 not knowing English, and all we had was hope. Me being a Muslim kid and now I’m on the cover of GQ Middle East."