French Montana has always operated as an interesting figure in the rap game. Seldom achieving critical excellence like some of his contemporaries, though consistently thriving in a commercial setting, or as a friend in need. As a matter of fact, French has been at the center of many a hip-hop bromance, and his role in the Coke Boys movement should not be undervalued. Not to mention, French has held it down on various cult classics, including turning in a truly-fascinating rendition of the "Stay Schemin" hook. 

Christopher Polk/Getty Images 

In any case, French is beloved to be sure, but not always celebrated with due respect. It's gotten to the point where the man himself felt compelled to issue a PSA. "OVER 10 YEARS IN THE GAME AND STILL THE WAVIEST PUT SOME RESPECT ON MY NAME," he writes, alongside a picture of himself looking the part (with "No Stylist," lest we forget). "AND 💯 SOLID." At this point, it's unlikely that French's words will shift him into them there top 50 conversations that have been floating around. Yet should the criteria expand to include waviness, all bets are indeed off.

Are you eager to hear some of that new music from French? Given his waviness, it's surprisingly been a drought in that department - yet perhaps this newfangled social media activity bodes well for the future. Keep a lookout!