Lil Wayne's comments voicing his dislike for New York continue to offend various people, but French Montana, who grew up in the Bronx, is not one of them.

When talking to MTV News, French Montana weighed in on Weezy saying, "flat out, I don't like New York." He understands where Lil Wayne is coming from. "I mean if I was to go to New Orleans and catch a gun charge, I think there might be a point in time when I get sick and tired, and be like man I hate New Orleans,"French Montana said. “It might not mean I hate the people, it’s that’s what I hate. Sometimes you might be like I hate Jamaican food, I’m not saying I hate Jamaicans. I think it go like that and I think that’s why nobody really got at him yet for saying that."

A New York Senator was not so understanding, asking Lil Wayne to make a public apology in Times Square.