French Montana is trying to get a taste of every type of Australian outdoor activity while he's traveling down under, even going far as to partake in some bungee jumping recently. However, when it comes to more aquatic fare, the rapper might want to make sure he stays on the shore.

According to TMZ, the Jungle Rules artist had himself a surfing fail while in Australia, fighting the waves in a big way. He did put the leash on before he attempted to ride some waves, so at least he didn't lose his board while he was out there, but aside from that, there aren't too many positives to take away from this experience. He wasn't able to stay on the board for very long and, once he had been thrown into the drink, the waves were too powerful for him to have too much respite. Check out some video footage below, courtesy of the gossip outlet.

Thankfully, French wasn't injured in any way during the excursion, so perhaps he'll give surfing another shot in some decidedly calmer waters one day. On a more positive note, his visit to Australia has made his numbers for the hit single "Unforgettable" soar from 3x to 4x Platinum in just a couple of days. An impressive tally in such a short period of time, so hats off to Montana for the accomplishment.

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