French Montana made his way back to his home country recently and had some choice words for complainers along the way.

In a new video that the rapper uploaded to Instagram, he showcases how much love he's received upon a return visit to Casablanca, Morocco, the city he was born in. Large crowds of people surrounded his vehicle, cheering and playing music in celebration of his arrival. Check it out below.

In that vein, French says he's got no sympathy for those who say that they can't make it out of a difficult situation. In the video's caption, he states: "This is why my heart was so heavy from Uganda... When I hear somebody say it's hard to make it out the hood I laugh. Why don't you try making it out of here.... No electricity, wifi, bodegas, nothing. Only thing I owned was motivation [...]"

You can also check out another short video from his trip to Morocco below.