Last summer, Diddy and 50 Cent embarked on what became known as the "Vodka War," as each rapper (especially 50) sent shots at one another in an effort to prove the superiority of his respective brand of vodka. French Montana proved that he was indeed worthy of his Ciroc Boy title when he entered the feud on behalf of Puffy by posting an Instagram video of himself dumping a box of EFFEN vodka, the brand that 50 endorses, into the trash. "This is what I feel about your bullshit," said French while performing the reckless stunt. 

A new video has surfaced of French clowning EFFEN, and once again, it ends with him throwing 50's drink of choice into the trash. This time, however, French was only able to get his hands on one bottle. Before he ended up settling for a less extreme course of action, he threatened to break the bottle against the wall and also suggested urinating in it. The hilarious scene went down at the Power 105.1 studio in New York, while French was extremely intoxicated, which is evidenced by his behavior as well as the Hennessy bottle he clutches with his non-EFFEN hand. 

"Who drinks this fucking Four Loko?" asked French before finally saying goodbye to the fifth of Dutch liquor.