French Montana is setting the record straight after pictures of his home were posted online. A highly publicized home invasion attempt cause many new outlets to use photographs of his home. According to the South Bronx native, the pictures excluded a good chunk of his estate. The artist took it upon himself to display just how much land was involved in the incident.

French hopped on Instagram with a caption that expressed his intention, while sprinkling in some inspiration.

"Since they wanna have helicopters on top of my house all day, and spread negative news and only show half of my house lol !! Here’s the full house, and by the way it’s paid for !! no mortgage, and it’s not my only one ☝️ motivation to everyone that come from nothing. 

He then clarifies why it took a while for him to speak about the incident publicly.

"To all the people that been checkn on me thank you I’m in the best shape of my life!
I’m not a clout chaser, and I don’t jump on the internet as soon as things happen ! I Liv a real life ! That can’t be on the Internet sometimes !"

The rapper continues by throwing some quick shade on the DMs game.

"U might find your girl here u ain’t going to find no money we keep it in the bank 😂 I’m not your average rapper"

The next picture in his post shows a picture used by the media for comparison. Either way, the guy is clearly loaded.