French Montana recently revealed that his debut album would be delayed yet again, due to the choice to switch his second single to the Nicki collabo "Freaks". French says however that this will be the last delay, and the album will be available May 21st, which he added is the “same day biggie was born”. In a recent radio interview, he gave us some details behind the meaning of the artwork.

"In this industry you believe is everything is real, and it's not" said the Coke Boy. "So i put a kid walking through the desert", he said of the album cover."You know in the desert sometimes you might see water, and there won't be nothing there."

French mentioned that the cover also reflected his movement from Morocco to New York, and conquering his dreams. Montana explained, "and the whole journey from me coming from Morocco, North Africa. It's like me as a kid seeing the opportunity of coming to the big city. New York, big city of dreams, just making it happen."

"This game is dry, so you really gotta get it how you get it. It was more of a statement." he concluded.

Excuse My French is out May 21st, and according to Montana "that's a promise".

Watch the full interview below.