Lil Pump has been on the receiving end of a lot flack this past week after he had some words for J. Cole after the Dreamville rapper subliminally dissed him on his new album with the song “1985.” While there’s a clear divide between some new rappers & so-called old heads, it appears French Montana is appreciating all the music for what it is. In fact, French is even coming to Pump’s defense, saying he loves what he’s doing for the game right now.

In a recent interview with L.A. Weekly, French addressed his appreciation for all generations of hip-hop, and said younger artists, like Lil Pump, deserve more respect for their contributions.

“Honestly, you got to respect every generation of hip-hop. I love what Lil Pump is doing for the game. I love what Tupac and Biggie did for the game, I also love what Run-DMC and them did for the game,” he explained. “I just feel like the game just changes. I just feel like right now, there’s more rich rappers than back in the day. Right now it’s more … it became a lifestyle. It just shows growth. Whoever don’t like him, why you listening to him? There’s still lyrical rappers out here. Whatever kind of rap you want to listen to, go listen to it. I love Lil Pump’s music.”

This reports comes just hours after Pump thanked Cole on Tuesday for “all the clout” he’s given him lately (see clip below).

Check out French Montana’s full interview here, and let us know what your thoughts on it. Are people too hard on Pump or does he deserve the backlash?