Fivio Foreign is one of the hottest rappers coming up out of Brooklyn right now, contributing to the city's strong drill presence. The up-and-comer decided to air out his frustrations with French Montana after suggesting that the rapper was exploiting the sound of the city without even collaborating with the artists popularizing it. When he was proven wrong, he took a step back and now, things are apparently cool between them.

Reposting Fivio Foreign's new project 800 B.C. (Before Corona) on social media, French Montana is seemingly ending the short-lived feud he had with the rising star, wishing him the best and possibly even opening the door to a potential collaboration.

"WAVY MOOVIE LETS GO VIRAL," wrote the Bronx native on Instagram.

Fivio Foreign has been building steam across the nation with his original take on the drill sound. His latest project features appearances from Lil Tjay, Meek Mill, and more.

As for French Montana, the rapper has been in the news for the last month because of his controversial comments toward Kendrick Lamar and Young Thug. He claimed that he would "outshine" Kendrick Lamar at a music festival because he "has more hits." That comment was not received well by fans or by Young Thug, who stood up to defend one of today's greats.