French Montana is typically a pretty suave guy in the public eye but for one of the first times, we saw him lose his cool. Earlier this week, reports emerged that the rapper was involved in a street altercation in NYC. Footage popped up all over the timeline of the moments leading up to the altercation. There was another clip that popped up of French putting his security guard on blast. After rumors circulated, the rapper cleared the air on his recent appearance on the Angie Martinez show. 

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

French wants everyone to know that the incident that took place after the VMAs was blown out of proportion. French wasn't actually directly involved in the altercation but he did try to break it up. "We had went to the strip club, then after the strip club, on our way, we stopped to get some chopped cheese," he recalled. "My boy just started arguing, next thing I turn around, they started fighting," he continued before addressing what happened with his security.

"My security in the car asleep. I don't blame him, though," he said before Angie Martinez said that security was up all night with French. "I don't blame him but it's like, I shouldn't be the one breaking up the fight."

French then continued to explain that he's a gangster rapper, and with that title, comes some bullshit. "Things just gon' happen. I mean, if I see two of my friends fighting -- what you think? I'm not going to go break-up the fight because I'm worried about what anybody think? They could end up stabbing each other, shooting each other," he said. "Two of my friends fighting. I had to break it up."