French Montana has a big year ahead of him. The Coke Boy just wrapped up filming the visuals for his new big single "Freaks" with Nicki Minaj, and is finally getting ready to drop his debut album Excuse My French. The rapper sat down with The Breakfast club to talk about a variety of topics including his beef with 50 cent, Max B's situation, the "Lil Poopy" scandal, and his new solo single.

On how he feels about finally getting to dop a solo album, French said, "It feels good. I mean it was the plan from day 1 for me" adding "that's been my plan since we was doing the Coke Wave with me and Max."

The Moroccan rapper also spoke on his short-lived beef with 50 Cent. "I don't play both sides of the fence, Rozay my brother, and that's what it is. I don't got no problem with homie, but if my man got a problem with you, I gotta stay away from you." He clarified that the situation with Fif  "wasn't no real beef", indicating he'd like to move on from the feud. "I feel like he already did his thing, he had his shot. I feel like I'm the new blood."

When asked about 50's comment about French never having a song without features, French took the opportunity to announce his next single. "My next single is me by myself, it's called 'I Ain't Worried About Nothing', dropping in about 3 weeks."

Montana talked about Max B's situation, and whether he'd be able to get an appeal for his prison sentence. "The appeal got denied once. I really think it's gonna be hard for him to get an appeal right now." he said. "Once you get 75 year and you get an appeal first five, there's gonna be headlines." Though he remained positive that Max had a chance of beating the case, once his appeal is granted. "There's a strong chance he's gonna beat it."

Apparently Max's contribution will not be a musical one, due to his convoluted label situation. "I just got him talking on the intro" said French. "I'm actually gonna give his album a certain amount of money off of every album that gets sold." He revealed.

The "Pop That" rapper also spoke about getting his Coke Boys crew signed, saying, "Me and Birdman was talking about the whole Coke Boy deal." He also revealed that Rick Ross, and Def jam have expressed interest. "So we got a little Coke Boy war going on."

On the recent shooting outside his tour bus, Montana stressed that the incident was peripheral and he had no involvement. "You gotta watch your surroundings. We was on the studio bus recording me and Meek. The music was so loud we didn't even know what was going on."

In reference to the recent "Lil Poopy" scandal, French denied having real ties to the child rapper. "I got a lot of love for that little kid" he said, but clarified, "he's not a Coke Boy". "I mean I knew his father, but I would not make a 9 year old a Coke Boy." The rapper stressed that the child rapper's parents should be the ones questioned about the situation. "Before they ask French Montana, they should ask his father." When asked if he would allow his child to rap and star in suggestive videos, French exclaimed "Man, hell no!"

Watch the full interview below.