Fresh off the release of his new Deadpool 2 collaboration with Lil Pump & Diplo, French Montana hit Zane Lowe with a barrage of intriguing information regarding his future plots. While many have come to view "Unforgettable" as French's peak, the Jungle Rules rapper feels otherwise. When asked about his 2018 recording plans, French is all smiles, confirming that he's "almost done recording. I already got my first and second single." He then fires off a shocking claim, which can't help but feel like classic rapper exaggeration. "I'm like twenty mixtapes in, two albums in. I might just go mixtape or album, it just depends."

Regardless of his chosen direction, rest assured we'll be receiving at least two memorable cuts. "I have a record I just cut, me, Chance The Rapper, and Quavo," he reveals, before confirming the track will be produced by Ben Billions. "I have a record called "No Stylist" which is going to be my single, and I have another one just like "Unforgettable" with me and Swae Lee." He admits that "Unforgettable" set the bar a little higher, and seems more than up for the task.

Check out the brief video clip below, and sound off. Are ya'll checking for French Montana? The man has already given us one undeniable summer anthem. Perhaps history is destined to repeat itself.