The phrase "it's a movie" is used pretty often in the rap game to describe an epic or cinematic piece of music, but less often do rappers actually produce films themselves. When plans for a biopic are announced, they seldom come to fruition (Rick Ross has announced a couple of features that never made it off the ground). However, a few hip hop artists have managed to get their foot in the acting game, with YG releasing his film "Blame It On The Streets" just a month or so back.

In a new interview with BET, both French Montana and Lil Boosie have revealed movie projects in the works. "Definitely [2015 I'm] on the acting tip," said French of his schedule for the new year. "I came in on the "Cocaine" set of DVDs. I just love the visuals, so I definitely went to L.A. [and] I'm definitely trying to put something together as far as a movie. I've got a movie called Respect the Shooter coming out early next year."

Boosie explained that his upcoming feature will be packaged with his first post-prison album. "In 2015 you can expect the album, you can expect the movie. I'm shooting my life story movie," he revealed. "It's crazy."

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